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- Learn some useful PyTorch Functions

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What is PyTorch?

  • PyTorch is an open-source machine learning library used for developing and training neural network-based deep learning models. It is primarily developed by Facebook’s AI research group released in 2016 and written in C++, Python. Pytorch is immensely popular in research labs of Facebook, Microsoft, Uber, etc. Not yet on many production servers — that are ruled by frameworks like TensorFlow (Backed by Google). TensorFlow, which uses static computation graphs, PyTorch uses dynamic computation, which allows greater flexibility in building complex architectures.

Why PyTorch is so important?

  • PyTorch is an optimized tensor library for deep…

Youtube Music VS. Spotify

I listen to music very often every day when I code I listen to my programming playlist when I go for a walk or run I listen to my motivational playlist when I lie down I listen to my relaxed or chill playlist when need focus I listen to instrumentals my fav instrument is the violin. My fav genre is Country Music &…

Prabhat Bhagel

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